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Monday , December 19 , 2005
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Zel and Amelia from Slayers - Link: My crappy site: Holy Kingdom of Saillune
5:55 PM - December 19, 2005

*sighs* Well here is the annual update. *laughs nervously* Maybe I'll work on it more
(Yeah, when have you heard that before?). Life is the same, just there is little to no
ambition to work on TKP. Heck, I barely draw anymore (unless I should be taking notes
at school).

So yeah, check back next week... or if you like the current trend, next year, for a new
strip of TKP.

Currently Watching: Paradise Kiss, Wolf's Rain, and Rizelmine
Currently Playing: Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, Silent Hill 2, and Metroid Prime

Hinata from Naruto - Link: You're already here
11:40 PM - December 21, 2004

So it seems we're back. I for one am very happy to see TKP up again. The Project
has been down for quite a while, but after some brainstorming, some procrastination,
and the consumption of much five dollar pizza, and coke, we have begun the story again.

The plot will probably be a lot like the old one(except better(I hope) and won't
include Yu-Gi-Oh tangents(I hope)), and the art will now be exclusively Anthony's terrain.

The old comic is not gone however and I hope you all(you both, to be correct) appreciate
Anthony's hard work in archiving the old comics. I hope everyone will enjoy our new TKP!

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